The dream of the Tortuga island

Turtle Island is a Caribbean island on the Northwest coast of Hispaniola (now Haiti and the Dominican Republic) on the main trade route from the Caribbean. It was at the time headquarters of the buccaneers in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, a place from where the buccaneers launched numerous attacks on Spanish galleons that had been separated from the Indian fleets and that came loaded with goods from “the Indians” on his return trip.

Without hierarchies, but with an organization “La Cofradía ” based on the Brotherhood, which allowed them to maintain their independence status with respect to the crowns and defend themselves against these and other pirates. This was how they maintained their freedom and independence until the eighteenth century, when buccaneers were hired by their respective governments as corsairs, privateers or pirates who worked for different kingdoms and empires.
The current possibility of the last frontier, the sea, is limited again to a few, to wealthy and powerful elite, to commercial activities of large shipping companies, or to increasingly industrialized fishing uses.

Surfing the oceans and seas without repeating past histories and recovering the endless horizon, is still possible. The story is full of attempts at self-management and freedom, so it is our present.
But this, in solitude, can become a frustrating activity, of little social interest. Therefore, the need to be organized, to obtain the material and technical means for one purpose: create a self-managed and non-profit-making social tool that enables educational, informative and denunciation actions, scientific, therapeutic, artistic, transportation, encounters, agitation and social transformation; for all those communities that wish to be spaces of freedom for their own existence according to their own “codes”, as well as for groups/individuals, associations and communities that find a usefulness for what, until now, was reserved for the elites, without connection with the social and with what does not serve them for their own profit.

The treasure to get: travel, move, be and serve as a resource to others. Carry out projects together with organizations that need it.
The wind blowing boat sails, as clean as possible, spreading seeds of knowledge. The money that could mess it up, far; just the necessary, may come from: trips with environmental touch, nature classroom for (children, elderly, people with physical and mental problems, drug addicts …) Scientific works, theatrical/circus stage and world music, a tool that enables knowledge, experience and vision of the people with whom it is shared and the environment in which it is performed. Transportation and voice for the voiceless, from anywhere, from any place, to know and share other experiences, to divulge them; Be eyes, mouth, and ears to communicate. In permanent contact with the inside, with the earth. Facilitating the relieve in both projects and crews, without tying anyone, or anything.