Objetives and aspirations


1. Recovery of sailing
Defend the right of access to the sea for everybody.
Share knowledge of sailing.
Claim the use of social nautical facilities that have been privatized over time (courtesy moorings, natural anchorages …)

2. Participation and /or support in local struggles
Defence of territory in the countryside and in the sea.
Encourage the transformation of cities.

3. Support and create actions focused specifically on the sea
Denounce, debate, and take various actions on over exploitation, pollution and immigration.

4. Generate a network of collectives and sailors
Facilitate connections and interactions.
Encourage encounters of sailors and alternative libertarian ships.
To be transmitters of other realities, as the Zapatista comrades say: Be the voice of the voiceless.

5. Reinforce the groups which we contact.
Sharing the tools that we take for the enrichment and the facilitation of collective internal processes.
Offer the knowledge, the skills and the support of the navigators who participate in every trip.

6. Creation and good functioning of a floating temporary community
Experience the trip as a collective self managed process without hierarchies, sharing all levels of responsibility.
Giving space to the internal personal search.
Applying tools for facilitation of group processes and emotional spaces to promote a good atmosphere in the group as well as a good communication inside and outside of the group.

7. Rest and regeneration of the crew.
To return with strength and encouragement to our base groups.
To feel the nature and his paces.

8. Recover the positive meaning of wandering.
Conceive the whole world as a home without borders.

9. Foster the affinity between people.
To unite and integrate diversity into humanly sustainable groups, to see more what unites us than what separates us.

10. Participate in social change
To contribute with our capacities to the transformation and regeneration of the patriarchal / capitalist model by a more human and horizontal one.
Generate own actions and offer the boat as a meeting space for other groups.
To foment the free and self-managed culture taking it to remote places.