How to get involved

The forms of involvement can be very varied depending on personal moments of eachone.

People who want to be part of the decision making.Boat management, bureaucracy, trips and concrete projects of each season.
Maintenance work, carried out directly by the group or looking for people with the right skills.
Encourage activities with other groups and related people.
Decide the activities for the economic sustainability of the project.
Carry out the goals and aspirations.

Protocol for hosting of new members

• Make a trip with the boat
• Get to know him/her (all of us)
• Assist at least one motor group assembly as a listener



People who want to participate in the continuity of the project.
The needs of a boat can be many and sometimes be very demanding.
As the activities / actions can be very varied the requirements to carry them to term can be abundant.
Therefore all support is important and welcome.

Human relations

Nothing makes sense without the human touch; It is very important to discover wonderful places, with nice people nearby with whom we can share illusions and adventures.
To get support on land with vehicles to get materials or take the crew to places where it is needed or to places to enjoy live.
The local people sometimes make it easy to get moorings and anchorages; Free, cheap and safe to moor and rest on the trip.
Mutual support is essential for us; We want to navigate with this community feeling as the basis of our relationship and permanent action.

Support with bureaucracy

• A sailboat can navigate waters of different countries which have different laws and regulations and also in different languages so it would be of great help people who know the language and the guidelines of the country.
• This work may not be very satisfactory but it is very important and a great collaboration

Relationship with the network of networks

The medium of communication and internal and external diffusion is still to be determined, but the network seems to be an important means of disseminating our activities.
Knowing this tool and supporting it is very important for us; Create / maintain a blog of your own and connect with other related media is another activity with which you can collaborate.

Logistics: with materials, tools and food

Donate or collaborate in obtaining materials / tools necessary for the ship and for the realization of the projects we carry out
The good feeding in navigation is difficult in some moments by the difficulty to obtain good quality foods, to support in obtaining it can be a first class action.

Specific projects, activities and actions

Within the group’s own philosophy; Action towards social transformation, individual or collective.
The intention is to facilitate the use of the boat as a platform of action in which different ideas, projects and actions of groups of related and friends can be integrated.
This activity is one of the bases of our journey, and will be managed by the groups that propose it together with the driving group.
As tools we propose: cultural actions, performances, musical acts, audiovisuals using the boat´s infrastructure, navigation itself as a space for coexistence and facilitation of group processes, street theatre, diffusion of struggles and local projects, protest actions and everything we can do with our own means

Nothing is too strange or difficult, bold or new, if we all get involved, with this premise will come incredible ideas and experiences, group actions for a sentient community.

This is a written draft to be completed and reviewed by the people who get involved in the driving group, we leave the space like this; So that horizontal decisions are agreed by all and the feeling of a common project is real and realized by everybody.
This text is just a sketch to start with something.