01 The path

Introduction to the path of

The Sea Nomads

The path of the Sea Nomads begins in 2007 when part of the current crew acquires and restores in the south of England a self-constructed catamaran “Wharram” type of 8 meters (SULA), in which they travelled and learned the art of sailing along the Spanish, English and Portuguese coasts, for a period of five years.

The idea of the project from the beginning lies in supporting the social transformation and with this objective we continue sailing.
Already in this period we contacted different social groups, such as the case of a free school and a center for foreign minors who, through friendship with some of their “educators” / companions, were able to share the experience of navigation and their visions.

The second phase begins when we allied with the crew of the ketch sailboat Alma de Viento, with which we made two trips:
The first in 2012, along the Andalusian coast as a campaign for the dissemination of a friendly project, a shelter for street children in Haiti (AYITIMOUN YO).
The following year took place the second voyage, whose destination was the Balearic Islands, with the aim of knowing the activist reality of the islands and promoting networks of mutual support with the peninsula; Also to know directly the conflicts and resistances of people and organizations in struggle of the zone.

The third phase was forged when acquiring a collective sailboat; Thinking how to carry out our projects the choice was a Prout Quest 33 catamaran with capacity for 8 people and magnificent qualities for our work.
From this moment the current motor/management group of Sea Nomads emerges in Greece after re-defining and agreeing the objectives and vision of the project.